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The official site for The Pathwork®, a body of practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness, down to the very core of our being, offering guidance and advice for self-development and personal growth. It is a voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear.

What is the great transition in human development?

In this presentation, Pathworker and Core Energetic Therapist Aimee Falchuk discusses Pathwork Lecture 75, and outlines the way from the disunity of the ego state to the unitive experience of the higher self.

International Conference in Brazil—2018

Obrigada, Brazil! As you may know, the 2018 International Pathwork Conference was held in Rio de Janeiro from May 24 to May 27 and it was glorious!   If you have never been to Brazil or met Brazilians, I can tell you that they are warm, welcoming and loving! I had LOTS of WONDERFUL hugs during our time there. The conference was attended by about 330 Pathworkers, mostly Brazilians.  There are 9 different Pathwork regions in Brazil and many, many Pathworkers.   And the conference was packed full of different events and workshops. Read More.

International Pathwork Conference in Rio 2018

New this Year! Offering Online Class discounts to Members only!

A new Pathwork Online group (offered in English and Portuguese) will start in July 2018. The meetings will be online via ZOOM, on alternate Thursdays, from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM EST. Check back for exact dates. Gustavo is a Pathwork Helper and Life Coach who works with people to facilitate a mutual journey toward a more fulfilling life. He draws on considerable life experience in many happy and long-lasting friendships, one marriage, and a professional career spanning over 40 years. He served as a Trustee of the International Pathwork Foundation (www.pathwork.org) and continues to serve as a member of the Pathwork Press.  He has a BSc degree in Electronic Engineering from ITA and a Master of Science in Engineering from UCLA. in April 2011, he launched “Pathwork Online” (PWOL) system, to teach and facilitate Pathwork study groups on the Internet. It has been growing ever since.

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The Program

Helper/Facilitator: Nick Meima Nick Meima has been connected to Pathwork for more than 25 years. In his Helpership he has worked with hundreds of individuals navigating the relationship-ending process. He also works with couples who are in the process of redefining their relationship. Academic background: B.A. Psychology; M.A. program in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling; M.S. Gerontology. Nick was married for 20 years and divorced at age 40. He has been married to Tara Welles (also a Pathwork Helper) for the last 20 years. Nick has two daughters and two step-children. Nick’s divorce was a doorway for stepping into a new life. The Pathwork was a pivotal part of that process. Learn more about Nick, email him or call at 720-524-3664.