Copyright & Trademark

The International Pathwork Foundation owns the right (in the USA and elsewhere) to use the name Pathwork® and to restrict its use to people who are recognized, qualified Pathwork teachers and Helpers who are abiding by the restrictions concerning the use of the lecture material. The Foundation wants to bring the lecture material to as wide an audience as possible, and makes these precious teachings available and accessible in many forms. However, it is also the Foundation’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of the Pathwork teachings and to protect the best interests of those studying Pathwork by making sure that those who teach others are properly qualified. The goal is to assure that Pathwork is taught only by those who truly want to give this material the deep period of study, reflection, and service that it demands. The qualifications to teach the Pathwork and use the Pathwork name therefore must be administrated by the International Pathwork Foundation and its affiliate organizations.