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Submission Guidelines

The Foundation established the Pathwork Press to publish  Pathwork Books
and other material used to teach the Pathwork®. The Press operates as a subsidiary business with a semi-autonomous board of directors appointed by the International Pathwork Foundation. The mission of the Pathwork Press is to publish and disseminate the Pathwork Lecture material, derivative works of the Pathwork material, and other works that are compatible with the message of the Pathwork.

We accept unsolicited submissions, and agented and unagented submissions. We’ve provided here a detailed list of what we need to see when we consider a project proposal.

Please include in your submission:

  1. Cover letter including author information and brief description of proposed work.
  2. Proposal, including: an overview of the book; a complete table of contents; a market/audience analysis, including similar titles; an up-to-date listing of your own marketing and publicity experience and/or plans; your vita and/or qualifications to write the book; and two or three sample chapters.
  3. If appropriate, sample illustrations or photographs if appropriate (duplicates, please, not originals).
  4. Please include your phone number, email, and mailing address with your submission.

The Fine Print:

When submitting a proposal, please remember that it may take up to 12 weeks for your material to be reviewed. We welcome submissions either electronically, as an attachment to an email, or mailed hard copy. Please note that we do not accept faxes or discs or URLs to manuscripts found elsewhere as submissions. Please note that unless you included a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage we will not return hard copies of submitted material.

Foreign Language Books

Pathwork books are available in many languages: Portuguese, Spanish, German, Serbian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and French. You may find these books by contacting the individual publishers or through our estore. Here is a list of our Foreign Rights Publishers.

You may contact the Pathwork Press by email at

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