Get to know the unconscious in meditation, in prayer, in all your striving.

One’s life does not lie. It expresses exactly what you really, inwardly believe.

Your fear of responsibility is not so great because of laziness, but because failure to fulfill implies inferiority.

The unending beauty of the universe can only be experienced as reality when you work your way through your dark areas.

Whatever possibility you can conceive of you can realize.

Your life could be the most dynamic rich, and blissful experience imaginable . . .

Life and feelings are one.

You do not have to be perfect in order to respect yourself.

If you do not want to be more than your are, you will never fear to be less than you are.

You can be affected by the destructiveness of others only to the degree that you ignore your own negativities

How can you recognize your inner conflict unless it manifests outwardly?

Make room for unobstructed life, for unencumbered spirit . . .

In the incidents in your life, and your reactions to them, you meet the greatest therapist of all: life itself.

Your present life expresses exactly, like a faultless mathematical equation, your inner state.

All the fulfillment of the universe—lies only in the acknowledgment of what you really feel and think at this moment.

All suffering comes from ignorance, from lack of wanting to face the truth.

[T]he more you accept imperfection, the more joy you will give and receive.

Everyone seeks happiness, love, and security, and that is God!

Order creates more awareness, more ability to focus as life unfolds; it allows for more reality.

Consciousness is a creator of energy and energy must contain consciousness . . .

Crisis in any form attempts to break down old structures based on false conclusions and therefore on negativity.

To fulfill one’s life, one must fulfill one’s self.

On the emotional level balance means harmony—the harmony of feelings.

Focused emptiness grows, both deliberately and spontaneously, as you remove inner obstacles.

If you cannot let yourself be empty, you can never be filled.

The highest and most desirable state in the whole plan of evolution is union.

Love can flower only on the substantial soil of reality and fearlessness.

To the degree you are unaware of what goes on within you, you will fear the passing of time and the “great unknown.”

The planet earth has come to a stage of development in which the old structure can no longer be maintained. It cannot bear the tensions and restrictions of the old limited  consciousness. A new vision must be gained where all is one, where the self and others are perceived as one.

You can afford generosity.  You can afford to let others be their best.  You can afford to give up the little self-interests.  You can afford to be in a state of love.  You can afford to have the courage and risk truth.  You can afford humility, and the best will flow to you because you…

Humility will make you really strong and give you the power to distinguish when to keep still after a personal hurt or injustice and quietly forgive, and when to stand up and fight against something evil, whether or not it touches your life. To come that far, you have to be a keen detective of…

Whoever is not quite happy and harmonious can truthfully declare: “I have not quite followed God’s call.” How happy are you? How well-balanced are you? How harmonious are you “inside”? Outside you may have troubles, but if you are truly on the right path and fulfill God’s will for you, no matter what your outer…

Only by taking the cross upon yourself will you be reborn in spirit. In that way, your own resurrection will take place. The new, free life will come to you by releasing your inner creative and healthy forces . . . . This is the rebirth and the resurrection that Jesus Christ showed . . . .

Receptive, creative emptiness must truly be nurtured. Listen with an inner ear, and yet you must not do this with urgency but become receptive to when and how you will be filled. This is the only way, my friends, to find your inner sustenance, to find your divinity, and become a receptacle for the great universal power that…

When the highest step is reached, the feeling of brotherhood, of love, and at oneness with the you—every you—is so complete that the individual soul vibrates in its entirety with the you, in true, free connection with all brothers and sisters and with the heavenly Father.

One of the first things you learn on this path is to ask yourself about your motives for desiring a certain thing; to ask yourself about the why of some of your emotional reactions. If you do not find the answer, it is a good beginning to pray for the will to recognize yourself fearlessly and truthfully.

Willpower is a direct result of understanding, of knowledge, and of the corresponding decision.

When autonomy exists, there is not need for rebellion against authority.  There is no confusion.  There exists a clear perception of what is true and what is false, and therefore there can be agreement or disagreement without rebellion or fearful submission.

If you cannot trust yourself, you can never know who is trustworthy.

This is what being in peace with oneself, being in harmony with God, really means: not holding back, not pushing forward, but dissolving in the life stream, in full possession of yourself, yet without fear of giving up self-possession.

By masking anything of yourself, you inevitably also mask your higher self from yourself.

You prohibit your capacity to love due to the misconception between true love and weak submissiveness because this is what you desire from those who are to love you, . . . .

Crucify your illusions which you build up for your ego, for your vanity, for your pride, and for your still existing inability to love.  Out of this truth you can erect true love.

The Christ in you is your true identity, which knows all and fears nothing and lives forever.

His [Christ’s] life symbolized the greatest suffering and the greatest joy.

Acknowledge your anger and rebellion, experience what you have suppressed for so long, but do not consider it the final truth of your self, . . . .

Your true self is neither as good as it appears to be on the surface nor as bad . . . .

When you unconsciously assumed the mask of goodness you may have bent over backwards trying to hide what was behind it. Now you feel abused, . . . . without realizing that it was not true goodness that was so unrewarding but rather false and compulsive goodness.

Constantly thinking of other people’s affairs, criticizing them, and judging them certainly does not help you to become less selfish.

Accepting [your faults] does not mean wanting to stay in a state of imperfection. It means that you first have to learn to accept your state of imperfection.

As long as you feel sad, bitter, defiant, or disharmonious in any way when you encounter your faults, you have not yet accepted yourself as you are.

To the degree that negativity and distortion exist in an individual’s mind and consciousness – these powerful currents manifest as crisis, pain, and danger.

The new age man combines his heart feelings, his softness, his gentleness with his strength and his abilities.

The new age woman combines independence, self-responsibility, full-fledged adulthood with softness and yieldingness.

. . . . you realize God in the mate, and God in yourself.

Ego means fragmentation.

Home means your real, innermost true self.

. . . . love is a feeling, and this feeling must result from an act of will motivated by intelligence.

True aliveness exists only when you wed the mind with the spirit . . . .

. . . . it is absolutely necessary on this spiritual path that you learn to know yourself as you are and to accept your temporary reality.

To the degree that you live in reality, to that degree will you be able to stay with yourself, observing yourself.

Your present life expresses exactly, like a faultless mathematical equation, what your inner state is.

It is obvious that love is a feeling and this feeling must result from an act of will motivated by intelligence.

Fear of letting go means that the real self cannot manifest.

Since your inner spiritual self is the same as everyone else’s spiritual self, the separateness is lifted the moment that you are no longer separate from your spiritual center. The real you is the other person’s real self. There is no barrier between them.

Fear of pleasure frustration is not so acute because you cannot live without it, but because it implies an inferiority.

Your fear of responsibility is not so great because of laziness, but because failure to fulfill implies inferiority of your self.

Your fear of failure is not so acute because of the failure itself, but because it implies, for you, that you have failed because you are inferior.

‘What is it now that I do not want to look at?’ When an individual does this, answers will come forth — absolutely and inevitably — in exact proportion to the sincerity and strength of this wish.

‘I want to look at the truth in myself.’ Anyone in this Pathwork who pronounces to himself these words every day, again and again and particularly at moments when he feels discontented and disconnected, will experience amazing results.

Your present life expresses exactly, like a faultless mathematical equation, what your inner state is.

When man is in harmony with life because he is connected with his own causes and effects, his position toward the forces of life can be compared to a swimmer. The swimmer floats on the water. The water carries him. And yet he moves, he is not passive.

Wherever fear exists, this fear produces the circumstances one fears.

When fear exists, hate must exist, and vice versa. They are really one and the same.

Home means your real, innermost true self. He who is his real self is at home. . . .  At home means the inner place where all problems find their solution, where no fear and hate exist.

Freedom, spontaneity on the one hand and self-discipline on the other are not only not mutually exclusive as most people believe, but they are in fact mutually interactive, aiding, interconnected, and interdependent.

The necessity of self-discipline is great. Without it, nothing can be gained or accomplished in life on any level.

Fear of self is the key. Before a human being is on any intensive path of self-confrontation, he does not know that he really fears only his own unknown depths.

. . . . only he who can be selfish in the right, healthy way is capable of genuine concern for the rights of others.

. . . one rarely sees that unselfishness can be a sick manifestation of self-destructiveness, weakness, exploiting others through self-enslavement just as one allows others to exploit him.

One rarely makes the discrimination that forms of selfishness exist that are intrinsically healthy and right that guard a person’s inalienable right to be happy, that protect his ability to grow, expand, evolve.

There is no way around what has accumulated in you and has poisoned your whole system. . . . This poison can be eliminated only by feeling what you hoped you could avoid feeling.

Your life could be the most dynamic, rich, and blissful experience imaginable, but you can determine life in this sense only when you do not allow yourself to be a victim of your negativity and your destructiveness.

When determination and commitment exist in order to change and bring out the divine potential, duality will fuse into a unity in which you . . . . have this basic love and mercy toward all beings, including your own.

When you feel totally self-rejecting, guilty and bad, it is important to know that you now identify totally with that aspect in you that is unpurified and that hates itself. The moment you know that, it already makes a great deal of difference.

The acceptance of your hate will make you more loving, the acceptance of your weakness more strong, the acceptance of your pain more blissful.

I want to seek the cause in me rather than in others so that I become free to love and live.

There is only one safe and secure way to attain the blissful now point. . . . You must learn to go through your pain — the pain of your illusion, of your guilt’s, of your undeveloped side.

Maturity is to a great extent the ability to put cause and effect together.

When you can truly see cause and effect relationships in your life, not only will you be motivated to want to give up negative attitudes and intentions and to institute positive intentionality, you will also gain awareness and emotional and spiritual maturity.

The degree of shedding the pretense to oneself, and facing that which was regarded as too shameful to admit, results in the concomitant degree of emotional ease and comfort.

The flexibility of relaxing into what is, even if what is at the moment is not what you want, must ultimately bring you what you want. . . .

As long as your whole orientation is not geared toward activating the inner center of your real self, you cannot know real safety, peace, and well-being. . . .

A positive concept of the universe as a benign force and benign fate for man, the freedom and fearlessness to love, and a healthy balance between activity and passivity — all these form a comprehensive whole. . . .

When you feel envy or, the other side of the same coin, the need to impress others or be better than they, try to feel the constructive power behind this need.

The struggle to discover the true self and the acceptance of the now are not mutually exclusive opposites. They are indeed interdependent.

Anxiety will disappear to the exact degree you search within yourself for the cause of your present suffering.

Only when he searches to alter his own attitude and discovers that his suffering now is induced by his attitude now, can he begin to find security—the security he looked for in the sustenance given by others.

If he remains stuck on blame (making the parents and life responsible), he deprives himself of the vital center of all good within himself.

The fulfillment so painfully longed for can be attained only when the person proceeds to search within himself for all that he still looks for outside of himself. This must begin with the question of responsibility.

Suppose you are in a conflicting situation from which you cannot see a way out. As long as you do not conceive of a way out, you truly cannot realize the already existing possibility.

Whatever possibility you can conceive of, you can realize.

. . . know that all that could ever be desirable is right here, attainable right now, ever present at the tips of your fingers, and all that you fear and strain away from is nothing but illusion, even though you may be in the midst of experiencing it.

True spiritual bliss encompasses the total personality, and the personality must learn to endure a state of bliss. This it cannot do unless it learns to endure whatever is locked inside the psyche now: pain, meanness, malice, hate, suffering, guilt, fear, terror. All of these must be transcended.

Can each of you, at this time of commemorating the birth of your eternal Christ-child within, commit yourself to accepting every part of you.

. . . life is what you think it is, temporarily; and it is what you know it is, ultimately. This means that the potential and possibility, even on this earth sphere, is indescribable happiness.

Personal fulfillment and full expansion are waiting for all of you. This is your destiny.

It is obvious that love is a feeling, but it is not so obvious that this feeling must result from an act of will motivated by intelligence.

If you do not fear failure so much, life would not become so difficult. It is often the inherent, often unconscious, terror of failure that makes life so arduous.

Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, you so often remain in a dingy little hole with no possibility to stretch, to unfold, to experience beauty. When you finally test it and discover the beautiful world outside the room, how safe and satisfying it is, you must experience it as a miracle.

In order to fully accept imperfection, you have first to become fully aware of your resentment against imperfection. . . . And only as you accept imperfection, can you lead a joyful life, can you derive enjoyment out of your relationships.

Some spark of aliveness must be missing if the self is not fulfilled.  For this is indeed the life flow without which all deeds, all actions, all contributions to living, remain somewhat stale.

You will become free as you let free.  Only when you can lose on the ego level, where you exert force, can you gain or win on the level of creation and power to form a good life.

Whatever it is you find you need from others, verbalize it concisely to yourself.  This will bring you nearer to letting go.  You will then know that this is precisely where you enslave, weaken, and paralyze yourself.

. . . the effortlessness of growing, the beauty of experiencing, the rich variety of experience without harassment, and the bliss of steadily growing.  This happiness cannot be described.  All this awaits you.

. . . when you find out that there are no chains, no fences, no prison walls, that you are not helpless, that you can constantly influence and mold your fate, your immediate life; then there is happiness that you cannot imagine. . . .

The security of your own feelings will make you equally secure about being loved.

Abundance of the universe expresses itself in all areas of life.

The unending beauty of the universe can only be experienced as reality (as opposed to theory) when you work your way through your dark areas.

There is nothing that surrounds and permeates you that does not express the magnitude of a divine and benign creation.  The more aware you become of it, the more joy and gratefulness must spread in your heart.

If you walk in the direction of finding this real self, of identifying with it through the layers of darkness, you must discover the unending beauty of the universe.  With every breath you take, you imbibe its potent love and wisdom.

. . . you will allow that other people need not love you if they do not choose to.  That may make you sad, but it will never make you tense or compulsive or intense.  This sadness will be free of self‑pity, and it will not be a real hardship for you.

Your maturing mind will make you understand that the only kind of love that is love, is the kind that is given to you freely.

To the degree you hold back in puny fear. . . , to that same degree you must hold back from receiving life’s riches. . . . There is this finely calibrated mechanism installed in the deepest regions of your psyche that works in absolute perfection.

. . . to the degree you offer generously and trustingly the best you have to give to life, allowing God to take over, to that very same degree will you feel perfectly entitled to spread your arms wide to receive the best life has to offer.

If you examine your consciousness, you will always find in one way or another a blind reaction that expresses the belief that you must not move in order not to endanger yourself.

Whatever the now brings forth, it does so only because the past still resides in your system.

I will terminate this lecture by telling you that the fear is not real. It is truly an illusion, but you must go through it by feeling it.

One’s life does not lie.  It expresses exactly what you really, inwardly believe.

To the degree that you are committed, what you do will be pleasurable, free from conflict, fruitful and rewarding.

Every day and every hour one’s inner state and feelings are a testimony to one’s state of growth.

What God wants for you must be your own best interest, so you are not really making a sacrifice to God since God and the true you are one.

The love of the universe is in every pore of your being. It is in every particle of your psychic process.

. . .  only by thorough self honesty and self facing can relationships be sustained, feeling expand, and contact between human beings blossom in long term relationship.

Relationship with others is a mirror of one’s own state and thus a direct help to one’s self purification.

Your real self, your real feelings, are one and the same as creation, God, life, fate, the cosmic life force, the stream of life, or reality.

Let your big self, your real self that is so much nearer than you believe, guide you in the stream of life. Since it is a benign universe, you have nothing to fear.

.  .  . when you find yourself saying yes, I am now in this or that unfortunate state,” discover further that, perhaps, in ever so subtle a manner, you are in a state of waiting, or even pressure to reach a different state.

Each moment offers a richness, a perfection, a fullness, no matter where you are, no matter what is your particular predicament.

You do not start loving simply because you choose. You have to call the divine nature of your innermost nucleus to give you the grace of loving.

Within each individual exists a well of wisdom and love.

When you admit your negative intentionality you perform the most fundamental act of love.

Effective fight, healthy aggression, becomes possible only when you no longer hide from yourself, from your own honest insight, when you no longer wish to cover up your destructiveness . . . .

No matter where you are, my friends, no matter what your current condition or circumstances are, no matter how you feel, if the now is thoroughly faced, not run away from, it yields a wealth of beautiful energy, life substance, and joyfulness.

You live and move and have your being in a universe that consists of such tenderness, such love, such personal care of the living god, of the eternal presence in all that is, that it simply defies description.

Only when you desire love in a healthy and mature way … and are willing to love to the same degree as you desire to be loved… love will be forthcoming.

Blessings and love, strength and joy are always and ever-present within and around you, permeating you to the degree you allow it.

The genuine desire to better oneself accepts the personality as it now. . . . [A]ny discovery where you fall short of your ideals will not throw you into depression, anxiety and guilt.

May every one of you comprehend that the truth is in you, everything you need is in you . . . . All you have to do is see and recognize the truth, wherever you stand now.

The realistic and adequate defense against being adversely affected by the evil of others is the total meeting of your own; the daily, renewed determination to do so.

The aim of finding, understanding and resolving your hidden conflicts and distortions is to bring you ultimately into contact with … the treasure of divine love, wisdom and strength that lies embedded in all of you.

You are surrounded by a universe in which there is simply nothing to fear, no matter what momentary appearances may be!

Make room for unobstructed life, for unencumbered spirit . . . . Let it fill every part of your being so that you will finally know who you really are.

You quietly know the truth of life, that all good is yours, that the universe contains all good, that there is an abundance free from conflict.

Every day and every hour one’s inner state and feelings are a testimony to one’s state of growth.

Total happiness is possible immediately, as you are now.

Man is prone to think that if only this or that were different (within or around him) then nothing would stand in the way of his happiness.

Admitting your negativity is always an act of love . . . an act of love toward the universe.

Since your inner spiritual self is the same as everyone else’s spiritual self, the separateness is lifted the moment that you are no longer separate from your spiritual center.

Whatever I already am, I want to devote to life. I want deliberately, for life to make use of the best I have and am. . . . for truly, life and I are one.

Pleasure supreme lies in every fraction of life . . . you do not have to wait for a far future, not even for a different state of being . . .

I am not afraid to look, whatever it is that I do not want to see. I request the Divine Wisdom and Power within me to make me see where I do not want to see, so that I can change where this is indicated.

In reality, all is one, every entity is connected with everything else in the universe.

Mankind lives in this overall illusion of separateness, which is the cause of pain and struggle.

The power that brings two people together in love and attraction and the pleasure involved in it are a small aspect of the state of being in cosmic reality.

. . . when you fear something before it happens, it is so much worse than when you actually go through it. And you have also experienced how your pains take on a new face once you thoroughly understand how you have created them. If you observe this chain of events within, abstaining from perfectionism,…

Those who desire freedom for its own sake will find themselves bound on the inner level. On the other hand, one who desires freedom to become a link in the chain, to effect some special task for God’s Plan of Salvation and for fellow human beings, will blossom in freedom without being  bound inside.

As with happiness in general, so it is with every one of its components that a person may desire: love, strength, health, freedom — everything. Whatever one wants for one’s own sake will dissolve, wither away; whatever is sought for the sake of the other, as a link in the chain, will blossom and flourish—for…

Can you address God and say, “Of course I cannot fool you, just as I cannot fool myself. True, I want to be happy. But also when I obtain this happiness, I want to maintain it by becoming a connecting link. What I receive from you I wish to convey to others in some form,…

Again and again take the resolution to face your inner truth with courage. Cultivate truthful thoughts; think everything through clearly, independently. Thus your spiritual life will become more productive, because it will be alive, and therefore also constantly changing. It will not be according to a rigid formula which is repeated daily. And so your…

When you have overcome the initial difficulties and have won some mastery over yourself, at least in this respect, then the spirit world will show you the next step on your path, what has to be worked out and fought for. Life will present it to you. When you have learned to meditate in the…

Is it too much to devote a little time and effort every day to look into yourself, to find the areas where something is lacking, so as to improve your spiritual awareness? And when the willpower is not there and it is so difficult to muster a daily discipline, then, after asking for help, search…

The events that fate brings to you are spiritual forms which have to manifest in a concrete way. If through ignorance of these laws unfavorable forms are created, each being has to dissolve them himself, and this can happen only by entering a spiritual path of inner discipline, self-knowledge, and self-search.

Setting an example is always more convincing than words, persuasion, or forcing one’s will upon the other, no matter how right or well-intentioned one is. To the degree you overcome your own weaknesses, affirm the spiritual laws within yourself, and learn to love, you will get closer to your fellow humans where you need it.…

Only within one’s own soul can one recognize the very special meaning and purpose of one’s life,  together with the individual tasks that one has to fulfill. However, those who constantly allow themselves to be impressed by the outward aspects of life on earth lose this inner meaning, and sometimes they have to go through…

Meditation of the Day

Please do not confuse standing up for who you really are which includes your lower self, with giving in to the impulses of your lower self in your deeds.

Meditation of the Day

. . . . the more you lack self-respect, the more important the respect of others becomes to you. So you create a mask self. In some subtle way, you become a fake.

Meditation of the Day

But your lower self does not want to make any effort, it does not want any change, and it holds you back and furnishes you with many excuses not to follow your higher self.

Meditation of the Day

. . . . people create another layer of the self which has nothing to do with reality, either with that of the higher self, or with the temporary reality of the lower self. It is what you might call phony or false; it is unreal.

Meditation of the Day

This would mean first of all that you would have to face [the lower self] as it really is, with all its motives and drives, since you can conquer only that which you are fully aware of.

Meditation of the Day

The mask self is created in the following way: When you recognize that you may get into conflict with your surroundings by giving in to your lower self, you may still not be ready to pay the price for eliminating the lower self.

Meditation of the Day

And you do need help in order to face yourself in total honesty and to know yourself without your mask. And you need help to meet your resistances and to accomplish the inner change.

Meditation of the Day

. . . get to know the unconscious, make it conscious in meditation, in prayer, in all your striving.

Meditation of the Day

Whatever your situation is, whether you have a partner or whether you are alone, search your heart, and it will furnish you with the answer for your conflict.  The answer must come from within yourself. . . .

Through the Gateway

Through the gateway of feeling your weakness lies your strength; through the gateway of feeling your pain lies your pleasure and joy; through the gateway of feeling your fear lies your security and safety; through the gateway of feeling your loneliness lies your capacity to have fulfillment, love, and companionship; through the gateway of feeling…

Meditation of the Day

Receive the blessings of love and strength that permeate your heart, your soul, and your whole being. . . Know that you are God, and God is in you.

Meditation of the Day

A warm stream and current of love is reaching towards each one of you. Make yourself inwardly calm. . . . And, as you do so, this stream will be able to reach you much better.

Meditation of the Day

Your unconscious wrong conclusions are directly responsible for the tests you are experiencing at any given time.

Meditation of the Day

If you open yourself, your heart and soul, to the strength that is in this room now, flowing to each one of you, you will feel courage. . . .