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International Pathwork Helpers Leadership & General Conference 2015

The Pathwork® Today:

Anchoring in the Experience of Oneness

Contributed by Hedda Kohler for the Italian Pathwork

(A Clip from “Il Ritorno A Casa—Italy 2002” ©2005 A Video by Donna Gray)

We, the Italian helpers and the International Pathwork Foundation, invite you to come to Italy for the next International Pathwork Conference—to come together as a community to anchor in the experience of Oneness. We invite you to bring the fruits of the Pathwork teachings with you and to explore and celebrate the movement toward the unitive state.

The invitation for the two days of September 15 and 16 is for Pathwork helpers. We envision creating space for the essence of the teachings on Awakening and Oneness. Working with the Guide’s practices and sharing our own knowing and experience of these themes, we will evolve our understanding and realizations towards becoming more aligned and committed instruments of Divine Will and Love. This call is for us to come together beyond our roles and functions to give expression to the mission of our souls.

The general conference September 17 to 21 is open to Pathworkers with at least three years of Pathwork Studies or a recommendation by a helper. We will come together in various formats: in the large circle, in groups of different sizes, and in small home base groups. Presentations and workshops on a spectrum of themes will be offered. All will serve the central theme, the Guide’s promise of guiding us to the truth of our Oneness with Source. Read More

The transition from the state of separateness to the state of union is the most essential step on the path of evolution. Pathwork Lecture 75


Pathwork Helpers’ Leadership Meeting: September 15th, 0830 (breakfast) 10:00 Commencement Meeting—September 16th, 18:00 (dinner):
  • This conference is only open to Helpers’ and Helper Apprentices
  • It is advisable to arrive the evening before the conference starts. Make arrangements with the resort office.
The General International Pathwork Conference: September 17th, 13:00 (lunch); 15:00 Commencement Meeting—September 21st, 13:00 (lunch)

Who Is Invited:

The Helpers’ Leadership Conference is open to all Helpers and Apprentice Helpers

The general conference is open anyone who has had at least three years of PTP (Pathwork Transformation Program) or a recommendation from your helper.


Italy, Cala d’Arconte, South of Naples

Villaggio Alberghiero Cala d’Arconte
Contrada Arconte, 9
84059 – Marina Di Camerota, SA
Ph. / Fax +39 0974 932339


$250/ 230€ general conference fee (and/or) $125/ 120€ Helpers’ Leadership Conference plus Room and Board (see list prices below)

Room and List Prices R&B

Room and List Prices (R&B)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy







Registration and Payment:  To register please follow these 2 steps:

1. Pay conference fee for the conference(s) you plan to attend

We have set up a special fund to help those with financial needs attend the conference. Contribute.

2. Pay Room & Board (ONLY if you have completed #1)

Special food or room requests must be made directly with the retreat center.

People with disabilities or physical limitations should request lodging closer to the main event building.

Note: July 1st is the last day for early registration. After July 1st the conference fee will be $300/ 280€ and $150/ 140€.

Map of village for room selection.

Map of village for room selection.

How to reserve and pay for your room with Cala d’Arconte

How to reserve and pay for your room with Cala d’Arconte

La Fenosa—Use of Additional Vacation Village for non-participating partners.

La Fenosa—Use of Additional Vacation Village for non-participating partners.







To be announced.

Seeking Conference Presenters
We invite Pathwork helpers and teachers to contribute—from their experience and their passion— presentations, workshops, spiritual practices, meditations, movement experiences (2 hours maximum) which serve the central theme. An international program committee will make the selection. Please send an email to the planning committee if you would like to participate.
Guidelines for Presenters

Guidelines for Presenters



Arrival from outside Italy

Arrival from outside Italy

Possible visits to the city of Naples before returning home

Possible visits to the city of Naples before returning home








Information and Contacts:

Contact for questions that have to do with your stay at Cala d’Arconte and with possible transport from Rome or Naples please send an email to or call Caroline at the cell phone number (+39) 333 141 2416, she speaks English.

Contact for questions about the program and the Helpers’ Leadership meeting please contact Hedda Kohler at or, your regional contact person.

Contact for general conference information: Zoë Willow, Foundation Administrator