Pathwork Chapters

A Pathwork® Chapter is a non-incorporated group, led by at least two Helpers, one of whom is required to be resident of the immediate area. Chapters offer programs for individuals and groups based on the Pathwork teachings. The Helpers leading those Chapters regularly report to the Foundation on their activities.


Pathwork in Northern Italy

Fanano , Italy

Area Served: Northern Italy (Milan, Fanano, Modena)

Hedda Kohler
Ph: (cell) (39) 339.27.28.410 or (39) 0536 69002

Le Troisieme Pole a.s.b.l.

1, rue de la Gare d'Autre-Eglise
Autre-Eglise, Belgium 1367

Marianne Hubert
Ph: or 32.477.53.57.51

Pathwork United Kingdom

Lichfield, United Kingdom

Area Served: United Kingdom

Simon Gleave
Ph: 0.774.276.5500

North America —USA East

Pathwork in Florida

Area Served: Florida

Cibele Salviatto; Barara Azzarra
Ph: 305-505-4743

Pittsburgh Pathwork

Pittsburgh, United States

Sue Van Doeren

North America—Canada

Pathwork in Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada

Area Served: Ottawa

Jean Millar
Ph: 613-829-1254

Pathwork Canada

15 Viking Lane, Unit 1109
Toronto, Canada M9B 0A4

Gustavo Monteiro
Ph: 1-416-561-5780

North America—USA West

Pathwork Colorado

Greenbrier Ct.
Boulder, United States 80305

Area Served: Colorado

Nick Meima and Tara Welles
Ph: 303-502-7358

Arizona Pathwork

2205 W. Jalapeno Way
Cottonwood, United States 86326

Ann Conover
Ph: 928-634-9294

Northwest Pathwork (Opening to Life)

407 NE 12th Ave. Suite 209
Portland, United States 97232

Kathleen Goldberg
Ph: 971-270-6823

South America

Pathwork Fortaleza

Rua Teatrologo Silvano Serra 350 casa 200
Bairro de Lourdes Fortaleza - CE, Brazil 60.177-050

Area Served: Fortaleza

Gustavo Moura
Ph: (85) 9929-0036; (85) 3081-2422

Pathwork Paraiba

Av. Julia Freire no. 1214 Bairro: Expedicionario
Joao Pessoa - PB, Brazil 58041-000

Area Served: Brazil

Claubete Nobrega
Ph: (083) 3224-2362 ou (083) 9967-8303

Pathwork in Argentina

Cap. Federal, Castex 3345, Piso 12
Buenos Aires, Argentina 541


Pathwork Rio de Janeiro e Espirito Santo

Rua Padre Leonel Franca 110 S/ 608. Gavea
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 22452-000

Area Served: Rio de Janeiro

Gloria Costa
Ph: (021) 8224-4333; (021) 2529-2322 consultorio

Pathwork Bahia (Instituto Pathwork Bahia)

Rua das Hortensias 726, Pituba
Salvador Bahia, Brazil 41810-010

Area Served: Salvador Bahia

Rino Marconi
Ph: 71.33511711 e 99695014;