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Vital and vibrant communities spanning the globe have grown around the teaching and study of the Pathwork® Guide Lectures. The Pathwork originated in New York City around 1957 and Pathwork now has a strong presence in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. There are also small groups practicing Pathwork in many other parts of the world.

The International Pathwork Foundation recognizes three levels of Pathwork community: Affiliates, Chapters, and Pathwork Groups. For more information about becoming a recognized Pathwork community, contact the Foundation.

affiliate-markerPathwork Affiliates

These Pathwork communities and centers are incorporated nonprofit membership organizations. They offer many programs for individuals and groups based on the Pathwork teachings. They also train Pathwork Helpers and teachers, people who help others with the Guide Lecture material and their personal voyage of inner discovery.

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affiliate-markerPathwork Chapters

A Pathwork Chapter is a non-incorporated group, led by at least two Helpers, one of whom is required to be resident of the immediate area. Chapters offer programs for individuals and groups based on the Pathwork teachings. The Helpers are required to sign a membership and trademark agreement with the Foundation for the use of the trademarked name and materials and are responsible for seeing that the criteria for “chapters” be maintained. Chapters report annually to the Foundation on their activities in order to renew their membership.

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affiliate-markerPathwork Groups

Pathwork Groups are groups of people whose primary purpose is a study of the Pathwork. They are mentored and led by a Helper who may or may not be resident in the area. The mentoring Helper is required to be a member of a Pathwork Chapter or Affiliate and is held accountable for the activities of the group and reports to the Foundation yearly on the activities of the Group.

affiliate-markerInformal Groups

Informal groups devoted to study of the Pathwork material may arise spontaneously anywhere. They are not necessarily led or mentored by a Helper and are not formally recognized by the International Pathwork Foundation. Such groups are encouraged, although they may not use the trademark Pathwork name to advertise their activities.

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A Pathwork Helper is someone who has successfully completed one of many Helpership training programs around the world and is qualified to hold individual sessions, lead groups, hold lecture study, workshops, and/or trainings using the service mark Pathwork®.

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Brazil; Bahia, Brazil; Sao Paulo Region, Brazil; Paraiba, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ottawa, Canada; Toronto, Canada
Southeast Europe; Italy; Netherlands
California, USA; Colorado, USA; Michigan, USA; Mid-Atlantic Region, USA; New York, USA; Philadelphia Regions, USA; Vermont, USA