Pathwork Online

There are a number of ways that you can practice the Pathwork® Online or at a distance:

Pathwork Online

Pathwork Online is a distance learning website that supports online courses. Its founder—Gustavo Monteiro—is a Pathwork Helper from Sao Paulo, Brazil who now lives in Toronto, Canada. Pathwork Online groups are offered in both English and Portuguese and are open for people to register anytime. Group memberships occur on a monthly basis. You can stay in any module for as long as you would like to explore the topic presented.

Pathwork Steps

Pathwork Steps is a self-study program that offers free or low-cost group meetings (in person, by phone, or online) and supports self-study of the lectures while encouraging exploration of self-leadership with experienced facilitation by Helper Jan Rigsby. Originally from California, Jan is also the founder of Pathwork in Australia and Texas.

Awakening Reality

Senior Helper Cynthia Schwartzberg, originally from New York City Pathwork and presently in Atlanta, GA USA holds regular monthly groups on specific topics. Groups are limited to up to 10 participants.

A Guide for Living—A Manual for Loving

Barbara Azzara, Senior Helper from New York who resides in California, USA, offers and intensive distance learning curriculum based on the teachings of Spirit: The Pathwork, Emmanuel, The 12-Step Program; and A Course in Miracles. It is designed for those students who are committed to living in the ONENESS.

The Earthwalk Center

Darlene Rollins, Senior Helper from Virginia, USA, offers weekly teleconference calls. The group is studying and working through all of the lectures. Visit her website for more information and to find a time to join the calls.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road—Your Journey Home to the Real Self

Beth Hedquist, Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Helper, has created this 8 week course where you will draw upon the spiritual wisdom of the beloved story “The Wizard of Oz” to illuminate your path, and learn techniques and practices to identify and transform the obstacles that get in the way of reaching your destination. Course starts May 13th, 2016.

For more information or to register visit the website Sacred Discoveries Pathwork.

Abundant Reality

Charles Wood, author of Opening to Abundance—A 31-Day Process of Self-Discover and helper from California, USA, offers regular Skype sessions to workers around the world.