Pathwork Helpers Association of North America: PHANA

The Pathwork Helpers Association of North America (PHANA) was created by the International Pathwork Foundation as a self-governing entity under the overall supervision of the Foundation. PHANA’s overall mission is to foster communication, cooperation and mutual understanding between and within all Pathwork Regions, Chapters, and Groups in North America. The general focus of PHANA’s work is to help Pathwork Helpers, Apprentice Helpers, and Trainees to obtain the benefits of association sought by professional associations in a very wide range of fields (e.g. psychology, medicine, law). Examples of these benefits include increased public recognition and trust, a greater sense of community, increased cooperation and communication among practitioners, greater consistency in standards of training and practice, and improved transferability between regions for recognized practitioners, trainees, and students.

PHANA is expanding both its membership and its range of services to members. It maintains a Register of Pathwork Helpers. This is a professional register for Pathwork Helpers and Apprentice Helpers. It publicizes practitioners who are certified and in good standing, helping those that want to build their practices to do so. During 2003 PHANA proposes to invite more Helpers and Apprentices outside North America to be listed in this Register.

PHANA will publicize new membership categories and new services as it implements these. Within the first half of 2003, PHANA – in cooperation with the Pathwork Press – will offer a Pathwork Teachers Helper service designed to help Pathwork teachers worldwide share teaching materials.

In addition to the above, PHANA is working to promote greater dialogue and cooperation among training programs in North America. As with all PHANA programs, this work is being done under the overall supervision of the International Pathwork Foundation and in cooperation with North American Pathwork Affiliates and Chapters.

For information on PHANA, its mission, services, plans, reports to the Foundation, and history, please visit