The Pathwork Foundation

The International Pathwork Foundation is the official Pathwork® organization that works to increase and disseminate Pathwork consciousness throughout the world. One of the most important roles of the Foundation is to protect and sustain the legacy of Eva Pierrakos—the Pathwork Lectures. The Foundation is responsible for seeing that these materials are properly edited, translated, and disseminated as widely as possible. It is dedicated to the stewardship of the Pathwork material, the Pathwork teachings derived from it, and other resources entrusted to it. In keeping with this responsibility, the Foundation acts when necessary to protect the copyright of the lectures and the registered trademark Pathwork. The Pathwork trademark, registered in the United States and other countries, including Australia, Brazil, and Uruguay. Registering this trademark in the European Union and other countries is in process.

The Pathwork Press operates under the general supervision of the Foundation, and publishes the Pathwork materials, including the Pathwork books, the Complete Lectures of the Pathwork CD-ROM, E-books, and a selection of Original Audio downloads of Eva Pierrakos delivering Pathwork Lectures.

Mission Statement

  • To preserve the integrity of the Pathwork and its teachings
  • To live the Pathwork teachings and bring them out into the world
  • To facilitate communication and connection among Pathworkers worldwide, in a spirit of mutuality and cooperation
  • To be receptive to the needs, longings and diversity of Pathwork communities
  • To be of value to the international Pathwork community,
  • and to make the Foundation self-sustainable.

The Foundation Trustees

  • Catherine Karas, President
  • Donna Gray, Vice President
  • Jac Conaway, Treasurer
  • Yolanda de los Reyes
  • Suzi Foizer
  • Paul Paquette

The Pathwork Press Committee

  • Alan Saly, Chair
  • Gustavo Monteiro
  • Anita Heald
  • Anna Barbosa
  • Kimberly Lyons
  • Liam Quirk


  • Zoë Willow

Other Contacts

  • Pathwork Liaisons
  • Advisory Board

Trustee Meeting Minutes & Yearly Tax Return 990PF

The Foundation Trustees meet monthly via teleconference and generally once every couple of years in-person. Subscribe to Pathwork Minutes Distribution.

PATHWORK FOUNDATION_TAX RETURN_2016_public-copy for Fiscal Year 9/1/2016—8/31/2017 filed March 6, 2018