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PL 137 Balance of Inner and Outer Control

The separation from the center is the wall of not knowing that this inner center of wisdom, love and power lasix online buy lasix online no prescription You therefore do not seek contact with it, hence more confusion, error and ignorance arise. The less aware you are of this inner center, the greater your…

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PL 146 The Positive Concept of Life—Fearlessness to Love—the Balance Between Activity and Passivity

In the last lecture I discussed the necessity of transforming faults of viagra generic buy viagra no prescription over the counter The first step toward this transformation is always awareness of the faults. This is not easy, but not difficult either, if approached with the proper actos generic buy actos no prescription over…

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PL 228 Balance

This lecture is about balance. Balance is what keeps the universe intact. If there were no balance, no balancing consciousness, no balancing law, everything would disintegrate. Podcast: Play in new window | Download