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Reconciling Spiritual & Material Life

How to reconcile material life with spiritual life? Contributed by Paulo Peixoto, April, 2016—Pathwork Canada   This is an issue that concerns many people. Amid so much to do, there seems to be no room for moments of prayer, meditation, introspection, sharing. Some people feel in their hearts a deep yearning for a meaningful spiritual journey,…

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PL 17 The Call—Daily Review

There are many of you who admit God propecia online buy propecia no prescription no prescription God or this Higher Intelligence—or whatever you choose to call it—is of course one and the same. Yet you do not believe that it could be possible in this wonderful Creation for an entity of higher intelligence than…

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PL 28 Communication with God—Daily Review

It is the same way with love. If love of another human being is sought with the current that is destined for the love of God, it will always leave you with a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction, or even frustration. So if God is not truly the basis of your life and if instead you…