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PL 84 Love, Power, Serenity as Divine Attribute and as Distortions

The attitudes of submissiveness, aggressiveness, and withdrawal are the distortions of love, power, and citalopram online buy citalopram no prescription no prescription I would now like to speak in detail about how they work in the psyche, how they form a supposed solution, and how the dominant attitude creates dogmatic, rigid standards that are…

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PL 203 Interpenetration of the Divine Light Spark into the Outer Regions—Mind Exercises

Creation “started”—and of course it never really started, so when I say “started,” I am again squeezing a concept into human language, a concept for which there is no other penegra online buy penegra no prescription no prescription Try to feel this truth! Creation “started” with the divine spark. The spark may have been…