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Evil and the Immigrants

  If evil comes into the country by way of immigrants, who may be terrorists – and evil is defined here as the willingness to commit acts of violence in the public square – it should and must be resisted – but not primarily in the way that most presidential candidates are suggesting. The Pathwork…

PL 134 The Concept of Evil

Numbness and insensitivity toward one’s own pain in turn means equal numbness and insensitivity toward others. When examining one’s reactions closely, one might often observe that the first spontaneous reaction to others is a feeling for and with them, a compassion or empathy, a participation of the soul.

PL 184 The Meaning of Evil and Its Transcendence

In this dualistic approach you become split within yourself, for you reject a whole part of yourself that is the source of essential, potent creative energy without which you can never be a full human being. Your sense of awareness dims as you repress the undesirable part of yourself. The less aware you are, the…