The International Pathwork Foundation is the official Pathwork® organization that works to increase and disseminate Pathwork consciousness throughout the world. An important role for the Foundation is to protect and sustain the legacy of Eva Pierrakos—the Pathwork Lectures. Fundamental to this protection is the Pathwork trademark, registered in the United States and other countries, including Australia, Brazil, and Uruguay. Registering this trademark in the European Union and other countries is in process.

The Pathwork Press operates under the general supervision of the Foundation, and publishes the Pathwork materials, including Pathwork books, the Complete Lectures of the Pathwork CD-ROM, and a selection of original audio recordings for download of Eva Pierrakos delivering Pathwork Lectures.

The International Pathwork Foundation is the official body that works to protect and sustain the legacy of Eva Pierrakos—the Pathwork Guide Lectures. The Foundation is responsible for seeing that these materials are properly edited, translated, and disseminated as widely as possible. It is dedicated to the stewardship of the Pathwork material, the Pathwork teachings derived from it, and other resources entrusted to it. In keeping with this responsibility, the Foundation acts when necessary to protect the copyright of the lectures and the registered trademark for the Pathwork®.

The Foundation supports and promotes methods for teaching the concepts in these lectures and authorizes Pathwork communities worldwide. It endorses the operation of Pathwork centers in the form of affiliates, chapters, and groups worldwide, which in turn operate institutes, schools and programs that are committed to developing and teaching Pathwork concepts. The Foundation encourages those who are trained and authorized to teach Pathwork to develop and teach the concepts of the lectures through workshops, classes, trainings, and creating educational material.

The International Pathwork Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation and welcomes donations to support its work. Donations are tax deductible under USA tax law. Donations may be made on this site or by mail to:

The International Pathwork Foundation
P.O. Box 725
Madison, VA 22727