The Pathwork

The Pathwork® began as a gathering of friends who were drawn to the extraordinary spiritual gifts manifesting through Eva Pierrakos. The wise teachings that came forth became known as the Pathwork Guide Lectures. They were transcribed and studied by a small group that began in New York City in 1957. Their enthusiasm and growing numbers led to the establishment of the first Pathwork center near Phoenicia, New York, in 1972. Today, Pathwork is studied and taught around the world.

Practicing Pathwork

The practice of Pathwork takes many different forms, ranging from individual study of the lectures to intensive individual and group work.

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Many people begin by reading the lectures, either individually or in one of the Pathwork books. (See the books in our web store.) You may join others in reading and discussing the books in your local area or on line. Pathwork communities around the world offer introductory workshops as well as ongoing programs, both for students and for professional development of teachers and counselors. By working with relevant exercises and concepts from the lectures in a group environment, we can both assist and support one another in our individual journeys. We deepen the process through group work and spiritual practice in the form of prayer, various meditations suggested in the lectures, and spiritual practices drawn from many religious traditions. Contact the Pathwork community nearest you to learn more about what is offered in your area. When Pathwork becomes a serious interest, you may wish to begin individual sessions with an experienced Pathwork Helper or Counselor, someone who has studied the Guide lectures for many years and learned to apply this practical spiritual wisdom to their own life and to help individuals apply the teachings to their personal lives. Pathwork sessions can include discussion of concepts, exploration and expression of emotions, sacred ritual to deepen spiritual connection in a way that is meaningful to you, and body movement exercises to bring out the Guide’s teachings on an energetic level. Another method of Pathwork practice is called a personal intensive. A personal intensive is a journey inward, a period of several days to a full week to do nothing but focus on you, your deepest self, your hopes, dreams, and fears, your deep unconscious, your inner child. It is a time to bring your shadow out into the light, a time to see, accept and transform your lower self, and a time to fully claim the highest and best in you. During the intensive you will be aided and guided by a team of two or three Pathwork helpers and counselors. Contact a Pathwork community near you for more specific details.

The Pathwork Helper Organization

Pathwork is taught by Pathwork Helpers, people with specialized training under the auspices of an approved Pathwork organization. Associations of Pathwork Helpers have emerged in areas of the world where Pathwork is most active. These groups serve to standardize, coordinate, and direct the work of programs and practitioners. They also serve as a resource for finding qualified Helpers and training programs.


The Brazilian association of Pathwork Helpers is an informal coordinating body for the region. For information, contact any of the Helpers listed in the world map directory for Brazil, or visit the web site for the Pathwork of Brazil.


The European Pathwork Network Group is an informal coordinating body for Pathwork in Europe. For information, contact the European Pathwork center nearest you.

United States and Canada:

Helpers in North America are informally organized. Many Helpers work in association with the Affiliate or Chapter where they were trained. Others venture out and work independently at a distance, or with other Pathwork Helpers. Contact and Affiliate, Chapter or Group near you to find a Helper near you.